Military Moves

Why Nelson Westerberg?

It’s no secret within the military that deployment comes with relocation. When families are on the move when troops are on assignment, a relocation partner becomes the answer to moving stress and detail. 

Nelson Westerberg has been moving and storing household goods for military and military families since 1995. Whether we move a small home from base housing or officers’ quarters with a large family, we use the same high-quality process and service. 

We pay special attention to your needs as a member of our armed services, and we work closely with your spouse to ensure their needs are met during the move, as well. 

Nelson Westerberg:

  • Boasts a network of 3,000+ military-approved agents/drivers and crews. 
  • Handpick our extended team to ensure they adhere to high-quality standards.
  • Conducts background checks on everyone touching your move from pick up to delivery of your household items. 
  • Communicates directly with each van operator to set expectations.
  • Provides 24/7 operations throughout your family’s military relocation.
  • Professional van operator and crew who pack, load, haul, unpack and unload at origin and destination for moves in the U.S. Packing teams are provided via our van line agent network
  • Sends a representative to your home to estimate cost of shipment.
  • Extends personalized customer service throughout all moves from start to finish with quality-assurance monitoring, auditing/billing/claims services, and more


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